Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Numbers Game

For any interested, here are some summary statistics for the CCP to date:

Total comics produced: 791
Number of sessions: 18
Sessions missed: 2 - 1/17/07 due to an interview out of state and 2/14/07 due to snow closing the library

Top sessions by comics produced:

1. 112, 4/11/07
2. 90, 4/4/07
3. 80, 12/6/06
4. 61, 3/28/07
5. 51, 12/20/06

(There's been a steady increase in the number of comics made since late March.)

Session with fewest comics: 5, 1/24/07

Record attendance: 18
Average attendance: 10-12

Average number of comics produced per session: 43.9
Average number of comics produced per student: 4
Average number of comics produced per template: 2.3
Most comics made with a single comic template: 16

As I've stated in the CCP's FAQ, these numbers are underestimates, as there are many comics produced that I never see when kids take them home. Still, the statistics are very encouraging, as they show genuine interest on the part of the students.

Once the CCP in New Haven is done, I'll be going through and making an evaluation of whether the program made any change in kids' English skills.

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