Thursday, April 12, 2007

4/11/07 Session

The 4/11 session went very well. 10 kids, with several parents, attended. The specific focus of today's lesson was on small multi-comic arcs (mini-arcs, as I refer to them) of 2-3 pages.

I introduced some basic story planning by having the kids answer the six key questions (who, what, when, where, why, and how) before filling in the comics. This gave them an idea of what to write before they started.

Many kids tend to begin writing right off the bat, putting down whatever dialogue comes to mind. As a result, they often write themselves into a corner, reaching the end of the conversation before running out of space on the comic. It looks like this kind of planning worked, as none of them seemed to struggle.

The kids set a new record: 112 comics produced and collected. The previous record was set just last week (4/4/07) with 90 comics. The record before that had been 80 comics from the 12/6/06 session.

Next week is a vacation for all students in the area. Last time there was a break, CCP attendance hit a record 18. I'm expecting much the same here, maybe better, thanks to the recent publicity and the improving weather.

The lesson for next week will focus on Dr. McNinja, a comic I've shown a few students (in blank form). Several of them are really looking forward to it; ninjas are still one of those cultural icons of coolness that transcends generational gaps.

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