Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Comic Making Tournament

The Comic Making Tournament (CMT) is a special CCP event I've been working on for several weeks now. The CMT is intended as the grand finale to the CCP activity here in New Haven, CT. Currently, it's scheduled for June 2 from 11 AM - 2 PM at the New Haven Public Library Main Branch.

The CMT is designed to be an Iron Chef-style competition where kids participate in various comic making activities and are then judged and given prizes. No participants will go away empty handed, but winning earns more "swag." Prizes are mainly books and gift certificates.

Current event ideas include long ans short form comic making and a speed competition. Most events will be done in both individual and group form, with playing "brackets" done depending on how many kids sign up.

I'm going to act as the "Chairman." One thing I'll need are judges for the event. I'm hoping I can get local artists to join in, as well as library staff. Judging will be done with points based on grammatical skill and creativity, very similar to Iron Chef. If I can get some webcomic artists to stop by, I may even be able to do a mock Iron Chef competition with all the participants ganging up on the artist.

To prepare for the CMT, I've been going to local New Haven businesses and asking them to sponsor the event and provide prizes. So far, two have signed on: Alternate Universe, a comic book store; and Book Trader's Cafe, a used book store. Book Trader was especially helpful: the owner donated books and gift certificates right on the spot. It's amazing how willing businesses are to sponsor community service events; all you have to do is ask!

Other businesses that I've asked and am waiting for a yes/no include the Yale Bookstore, Hull's Art Supplies, Atticus Bookstore, and Cutler's Record Store. I'm also looking into getting help from the Greater New Haven Literacy Coalition and the associated New Haven Reads Book Bank. Once the sponsor list is finalized, fliers will be created and advertising will begin.

One of my hopes is that when I get to Pittsburgh, I'll be able to settle in quickly enough to organize a second CMT there around the same date and make this an annual event.

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