Thursday, April 12, 2007

CCP Video

Video Clip from 3/21/07

From the YouTube summary I wrote:

"A short video I recorded late during a Create a Comic Project session March 21, 2007. The kids loved hamming it up for the camera. Most of the regular attendees had left by the time this video was shot; total attendance for that day was about 10. Normal sessions are not nearly as chaotic, of course!

The girl is the most frequent attendee of the CCP. She's attended all but two sessions. The boy is also a regular and goes to school with her. The voice is my own.

On the table you can see the Can of Inspiration. The box on the chair visible at 00:13 is the Submission Box, where kids submit comics they're most proud of.

The video was recorded at the New Haven Free Public Library in the Activity Room on the second floor."

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