Sunday, April 15, 2007

CCP Workshops

Since the news article about the CCP was published in the New Haven Register, I've had several people contact me about expanding the CCP.

Fair Haven Middle School and the High Meadow School in Hamden both want me to teach their students. The Dixwell-Yale Community Learning Center (DYCLC) has asked me to do a series of workshops for their children in May. And the Yale Bookstore is open to the idea of inviting some students and having me do a CCP demo at their store for them.

Unfortunately, my schedule is tight for May and June since I'm going to be moving. But I will definitely try to squeeze in these requests. The DYCLC workshops have my highest priority since they're Yale related. My hope is that I can coordinate teaching the students of the schools with the DYCLC and Yale Bookstore events.

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