Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Create a Comic Project Blog

Welcome to the new Create a Comic Project blog.

The purpose of the this blog is to talk about the week-to-week activities of the Create a Comic Project. Material on this blog will include: lessons I've learned about how to teach the CCP, what it is I'm teaching, anecdotes about the kids and individual sessions, facts and trivia about the CCP itself, and info on the first CCP from Taiwan.

I'll also be including my work towards creating the "Comic Making Tournament," the grand finale to the CCP here in New Haven. Additonally, I'm going to post additional pictures and videos of the CCP as I get them.

This blog is meant to serve as a first-person account of the Create a Comic Project, so that others can hopefully learn how to replicate its success in their own locality. Other information on the CCP can be found on the comic's FAQ and About pages. The CCP blog will be a current events supplement to those two pages.

My plan is to have these early posts be a summary of the events to date. Later posts will be more current.

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