Monday, April 30, 2007

A Milestone and The Numbers Game 2

With the last session of April done, it's time to look at the numbers again.

Thanks to the last two sessions, the CCP has now generated over 1000 comics! This is an amazing milestone. I'd only predicted 700-800 when I first started, so the kids have exceeded all my expectations. Going at an average rate of 5 comics a week, I have almost enough comics to last 4 years. And I still have the month of May left.

Other numbers that have changed:

Top Five:

1. 129, 4/18/07
2. 112, 4/11/07
3. 90, 4/4/07
4. 80, 12/6/06
5. 68, 4/25/07

Average number of comics produced per session: 50.8

This is the highest the average has been since December, which had a high of 54.5 after the first two sessions, then 50.7 and 50.75 before dropping down into the 40's in the last week.

Average number of comics produced per student: 5
Average number of comics produced per template: 2.5

April's been an excellent month for me. I'm looking forward to May!

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