Thursday, April 19, 2007

4/18/07 Session

The 4/18 session has come and gone. This was a very good session, with 12 kids and 5 adults. The theme was "Dr. McNinja," with the main goal being to reword the first installment of McNinja's adventures. All the kids really loved it, because ninjas are awesome. As with all large multi-page comics, I had them write out what they were going to write ahead of time using an outline worksheet.

I got three complete remixes of the chapter and several partial ones. A few took their comics home to finish; hopefully I get them back next week.

This session continued the trend of past ones by setting a new record in terms of number of templates made: 129 in all, a good half of them being Dr. McNinja related.

I also brought my digital camera with me. Lots of pictures and videos to share. I shall be posting them later.

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