Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Numbers Game 9: Pittsburgh Modules

This is an overview of the numbers from the six Pittsburgh modules held to date. Now's a good time to go over them since it'll be a couple months at least before another module is held. For the 4/10 and 4/15 modules, this is the first time their numbers have been posted.

The 11/7, 12/3, 12/10, and 7/1 Pitt modules all gave one comic per student, so the lesson and student efficiencies are the same, as are the attendance and maximum possible collected stats. So I've omitted the student efficiency for those modules.

11/7 Module:

Students: 81
Comics collected: 97
Lesson efficiency: 81/97 = 1.20

12/3 Module:

Students: 73
Comics collected: 80
Lesson efficiency: 1.10

12/10 Module:

Students: 59
Comics collected: 69
Lesson efficiency: 1.17

7/1 Module:

Students: 29
Comics collected: 42*
Lesson efficiency: 1.45

*It's possible this number may increase by one or two with a last minute submission, but this is highly unlikely.

These four show the effectiveness of using two-in-one comics to increase the overall number of comics collected. Had I only used single page comics, the efficiencies for each would've been 1.0. An alternate way to measure these would be to count all the students present in class and who didn't submit any comics, but I don't have those numbers.

4/10 Module:

Students: 175
Comics collected: 306
Student efficiency: 1.75
Maximum possible produced: 350
Lesson efficiency: 0.87

4/15 Module:

Students: 175
Comics collected: 184
Student efficiency: 1.05
Maximum possible produced: 525
Lesson efficiency: 0.35

With the 4/10 module, I only gave the students 2 comics to save time and that worked well: the kids were largely able to finish those two in the time they had.

The low efficiency for the 4/15 module's museum trip was due to the late start. Originally, all 175 kids were to be given the chance to work on all three comics, but due to the shortened time frame stemming from the bus delays, only a few of the groups got to the stations involving comic making. If I had the exact numbers for the students who'd been given a chance to create comics, the number would be much higher.

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