Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Numbers Game 10: CMT II

In the last leg, I'll apply the lesson efficiency measure to the events from the second Comic Making Tournament. These numbers are more accurate than those posted back in March.

Note that the measure is only meaningful for six of the parts; short-form original and the card game had no expected number of comics produced, so it's not applicable to them.


Students: 7
Comics collected: 57
Student efficiency: 8.14
Maximum possible produced: 42
Lesson efficiency: 1.36

Short form Pre-drawn:

Students: 10
Comics collected: 45
Student efficiency: 4.5
Maximum possible produced: 40
Lesson efficiency: 1.13

The high efficiency for this event and the warm-up is largely due to the use of two-in-one templates.

Short form Hybrid:

Students: 9
Comics collected: 34
Student efficiency: 3.78
Maximum possible produced: 36
Lesson efficiency: 0.94


Students: 10
Comics collected: 10
Student efficiency: 1
Maximum possible produced: 10
Lesson efficiency: 1.0

In this event, each student was only asked to make one non-linear comic. It's no surprise everyone finished one. If I'd asked for more, this may have been lower since it did take some time just for one.

Long form Pre-drawn:

Students: 12
Comics collected: 59
Student efficiency: 4.92
Maximum possible produced: 60
Lesson efficiency: 0.98

This number is surprisingly high, given the difficulty students had with this event in the first tournament. I'll probably be expanding the long form event in response.


Students: 12
Comics collected: 536
Student efficiency: 44.67
Maximum possible produced: 720
Lesson efficiency: 0.74

Given a half hour, students were able to produced an average of 45 comics each. In the next tournament, I'm going to try and increase this to a full hour. So I'll give each student 90 comics to start, since I know roughly half of them should be able to finish those and more. And if the lesson efficiency remains constant, then I can expect about 68 comics for every 90 given.

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