Thursday, July 24, 2008

7/22/08 Session Stats

A break down of the numbers from the 7/22 sessions:

Total comics produced: 373
Total number of kids: 53
Average comics per child: 7.04

Workshop 1:

Total comics produced: 265
Total number of kids: 27
Average comics per child: 9.8

Workshop 2:

Total comics produced: 89
Total number of kids: 11
Average comics per child: 8.1

Workshop 3:

Total comics produced: 19
Total number of kids: 15
Average comics per child: 1.3

Note that with workshop 2, I wasn't able to collect all the comics due to an interruption by snack period. And with workshop 3 I allowed several of the kids to take their comics home (most kids didn't care).

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