Thursday, July 24, 2008

7/24/08 Workshop Report

The 7/24 workshop at a local Boys and Girls Club went mostly as planned. 13 children took part of various ages ranging from 8 to 14. The staff were very accommodating and friendly.

128 comics were created in all, for an average of 9.8 per kid. Several of the older kids were fans of Adult Swim, so the comics they made tended to be more mature in terms of subject matter and language than what I've had before. (Proof that too much TV too early really does warp the mind?)

In contrast, an 8-year old produced some comics that are easily the among the funniest I've read so far. He skipped 2nd grade and already had some experience creating his own comics, so he's likely quite bright. Another student had started his own comic club at school, but he had to leave early before he could tell me more.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely I'll be returning there for their after school program in September because their facilities lack a photocopier. One of their staff went above and beyond by driving to the main office to make photocopies so this workshop could take place, but that isn't a solution that'll work consistently. I try to make the CCP as lite on resource requirements as possible, but a photocopier is very important.

There are a couple more locations I'm looking into for workshops. More on that as it develops.

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