Saturday, October 4, 2008

Post-Otakon Template Progress

I had a lot of comics join post-Otakon and I have yet to use any in the project. Due to my busy schedule I haven't been able to get through the archives of many of the new additions. I have made some progress, though.

Comics whose archives I've gone through:

Grim Tales From Down Below
Mystic Revolution
PPG Doujin

I've also grabbed a little bit from Gina Biggs and Matt Herms, but I still need to get more.

Comics with templates made:

Afterlife Inc.
Geeks Next Door
The Jar
Paradigm Shift
Witch Girl Pilar's work

Once I get a good batch of these new comics as templates, I'm going to transition to them for a little in the sessions and let the others rest, though some mainstays (SMBC, OO, ASHN) will continue to be used.

1 comment:

Pilar Nenita Esber said...

Teehee, oh my, so you used my templates? I am honored, hehe. :D