Saturday, October 11, 2008

CMT 3 Fliers

I had some spare time the other day, so I decided to finally put together some fliers for the Comic Making Tournament III. There are five currently, each using images from templates. Once I create templates from the new comics, I'll make a couple more fliers using them.

Comics used: Three Panel Soul, And Shine Heaven Now, Hate Song, and CCP #2.

Comics used: xkcd, SGVY, Questionable Content, And Shine Heaven Now, and CCP Presents: Climate Change.

Comics used: Okashina Okashi, Krakow, Diesel Sweeties, Dinosaur Comics, Chugworth Academy, and And Shine Heaven Now.

Comics used: Kastle Comics, Planet Karen, CCP #2, Zombies Calling, and Sketchies.

Comics used: Versus Verses, Paradigm Shift, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and the CCP #1 cover.

Each of these is meant to be printed out as part of a double sided handout. The other side will have info on the events, what to expect, etc. I think this will help things run smoother. I'll add these fliers to the Misc. Gallery soon.