Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10/22/08 Session

The 10/22 session will be a special one: Election themed! Students will write about both major party candidates and issues they know about. I'd like to expand it to third party candidates, but time limitations make that unfeasible.

One trick is that students will have to write one good thing about both candidates before they make fun of them. That'll help make sure they avoid the trap of demonizing the other side which is all too common today. I'm also hoping I can steer them away from any of the loony conspiracy stuff I've seen getting passed around, like Greg Palast's comic (and they said Ron Paul supporters were crazy).

Overall, there'll be more art of Palin featured than anyone else, since more people have drawn comics of her than Obama, Biden, or McCain. I'm hoping my students have been watching Tina Fey so they can come up with some good natured Palin jokes.

Comics being used:

Diesel Sweeties
Dinosaur Comics
Mac Hall
Okashina Okashi
Simulated Comic Product
Tea Club
Templar, AZ

Shortpacked will be featured heavily thanks to Willis's recent week long story arc focusing on Sarah Palin, as well as a couple previous political cartoons with Obama. SCP is going to be used earlier than planned so I can make use of Kevin's recent inauguration comic.

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