Thursday, October 23, 2008

10/22/08 Session Report

The 10/22 session went well, despite being attended by only 2 kids. The election comics were a big hit, with most of them coming from David Willis. Biggest news to come from the session: a reporter and photographer from Pitt News were there covering the event. A news article on the CCP should appear tomorrow or Friday. Statistics will be posted soon.

It was fun listening to the kids discuss politics (unfortunately I didn't get any video of it). The funnier lines involved them trying to remember the candidates' names. They all knew Obama well, but McCain, Biden, and Palin were another matter. Biden they didn't know at all, while one of them thought it was John McClinton. With one of the Shortpacked comics, a student thought Palin looked like Hillary Duff. This led her to think her name was "Hillary Palin." They thought Palin was Obama's running mate, since they assumed the two old guys would run together. I blame it all on Willis.

With only 2 kids, both of whom left early, not all the comics I had could be completed. I'm going to be looking into other venues to do in conjunction with the YMCA, since at this rate I won't be able to do anything there. Pictures and video will be posted soon.

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