Friday, March 7, 2008

Comic Making Tournament II: Final Preparations

It's the night before the tournament and I'm now in New Haven. All the major template groups have been finalized and even some preliminary photocopying. Final tasks include sorting out the panels to use for the hybrid event and those to use for the card game, finishing up a satisfaction survey, and getting together an accessory item for the card game event.

When I get there, I'll have about 1 hour to get ready. In that time I need to photocopy the template groups, the card game rules, and survey. Then I need to setup the camera (I've got one that'll be recording the whole tournament), tables, and supplies. I'm prepping for 20, though I expect fewer.

According to the librarians, they've asked a reporter from a local paper to be there. So if I'm lucky there may be another news article on the CCP, which would be helpful in securing a second small grant.

And when I get back the fun continues: the 3/10 and 3/13 workshops have gotten final confirmation (it always help to check the week before just in case a site experiences unexpected problems). I'll be prepping for those Sunday, using a revised version of the 12/29 workshop design.

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