Tuesday, March 11, 2008

3/10/08 Workshop

The 3/10 Workshop, the first at the Human Service Center, went well. The facilities are quite nice and the staff is friendly and relatively easy going.

The numbers:

Kids: 8
Comics produced: 92
Average comics per student: 11.5

Series used: 9

Chugworth Academy
Lil Formers
Mac Hall
Okashina Okashi
Planet Karen
Punks and Nerds
Questionable Content

I also used the five new blank templates so kids could draw their own. There were two halves to the workshop: a warm-up pacing exercise and an exercise in matching words to the images using the 6 questions. The Can of Inspiration was quite helpful to several of them.

I'd originally been told to expect 5-6 kids, so getting 8 was a bonus. They were generally well behaved, except for a couple who liked to talk more than draw (there are always a few kids like that). Pictures and video were taken and will be uploaded soon.

Based on this workshop, I can definitely say I'll be volunteering to participate in HSC's summer program, which will have me putting together a 10-week comic program for 15-20 students. It'll be nice to get back into doing weekly sessions instead of these stand alone workshops.

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