Friday, March 14, 2008

3/13/08 Workshop

The 3/13 workshop, the first the Braddock Carnegie Library, was another success. I can see why it was recommended to me that I volunteer there. It's a small library with only a handful of staff and is situated in what's clearly an economically struggling area of Greater Pittsburgh.

Along with the Human Service Center, I'll be considering starting a summer comic project there. One program Braddock has that caught my eye is where kids create their own zines on various topics, which are then displayed on the shelves alongside regular magazines. A workshop where the end goal is for kids to make their own comic books that are displayed by the library has a lot of potential. I may do this for the HSC, as well.

The numbers:

Kids: 11
Comics produced: 129
Average comics per student: 11.7

Series used: 14

8-Bit Theater
And Shine Heaven Now
Chaos Punks
Coffee Achievers
College Roomies From Hell
Dr. McNinja
Lil' Formers
Okashina Okashi
Questionable Content
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Pictures and videos will be forthcoming.

It hasn't been since May-June 2007 that I've had three major CCP events so close together. It's nice to be active like this again. The next CCP activity: National Public Health Week in April.

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