Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Comic Making Tournament II: Countdown

Days to the tournament: 4
Days until I get on a plane to fly over there: 3

As time grows short, I've been getting the templates organized and ready for the 7 events. According to the New Haven Library, I should expect ~20 children as they've been heavily advertising the event to local schools. I'm also receiving some PR help by the Dixwell-Yale Community Learning Center and PACK, a parent-child program run by the tournament's main sponor, the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.

Each event will have groups of templates, with each group having different templates. The number of templates in each group varies by event. The breakdown right now:

Warm-up: 4 groups of 6 templates (4 1 panel comics, 1 4 panel, and 1 full page)
Short form pre-drawn: 5 groups of 4 templates
Short form hybrid: 5 groups of 4 templates
Short form original: 5 groups of 4 templates (including 5 new blank template designs)
Short form nonlinear: varies (each student gets 5 panels at random and makes 1 comic)
Long form pre-drawn: 5 groups of 5 templates
Endurance: 5 groups of 60 templates
CCP Infinity: N/A

In all, about 389 different comic templates will be used, plus 8 different blank templates. I'm going for maximum diversity and so far I've incorporated nearly every comic series I have templates for (including Cool Cat Studios, which I got to at the last minute). Assuming I get 20 participants, it's possible (though unlikely) for the event to produce over 1000 comics.

One area of concern: the weather. Friday and Saturday are my arrival and departure days. In New Haven, there's going to be rain, which should only delay the flight at most. However, Pittsburgh is going to be experiencing snow Friday afternoon, which could interfere. I'm hoping I don't have to deal with a canceled flight.

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