Tuesday, April 22, 2008

4/15/08 Module Images Part 1

The Module Gallery has been updated with the first batch of photos taken from the 4/15 Module. These are all the pictures from the Children's Museum part of the trip. Early shots are of the students arriving and of the GSPH volunteers. Later shots are at the exhibit I was stationed at, which was based on circles.

Normally, I would've gotten pictures of all 9 groups going through my station, but due to the late start caused by the bus company foul up, only 4 groups had time to visit this part of the museum. Part 2 will have the photos from when the kids returned to Northview to begin work on their comic books.

I've also made a small change to every page: clicking the CCP banner will now take you back to the front page. That should help make navigation a little easier.

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