Monday, April 7, 2008

4/15/08 CCP Module

I'm very busy with school work and project preparations, so this blog may be largely neglected for a couple weeks. There will be a Create a Comic Module next Tuesday. Like the one this Thursday, the theme will be public health and is part of the ASPH Award I won a couple months back.

The 4/10 and 4/15 Modules will both be very large, with a little under 200 children each. Given that the previous modules back in November and December were done with around 80-90 students, this is a big step up. The two modules are being done in cooperation with the Pitt Graduate School of Public Health, Northview Height Elementary, ASPH, and another sponsor to be named later.

The current plan is that the 4/15 Module will involve kids creating full blown comic books on public health, which will be collected and published in dead tree format for everyone to enjoy. More info on that as details are worked out.

Pictures and videos of both modules will be posted. Northview Heights uses a blanket permission form that every parent signs at the beginning of the school year. It allows guest speakers like myself to take photos and videos and post them online at our discretion. I wish more schools used that kind of system! Very convenient.

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