Friday, June 22, 2007

The Numbers Game Part 7: Create a Comic Project Summary

With the tournament stats completed, I can now post the final numbers of the entire CCP:

Total comics produced: 2003 (would've been funnier if it'd been 2007, heh)
Average comics for the 24 sessions, 4 workshops, and tournament: 69

Total number of templates used: 662
Average number of comics per template: 3.03
Number of templates without any comics: 2 (I forgot to print out one Krakow and one Shortpacked template)

Hours logged at the New Haven Public Library: ~80
Hours logged at the Dixwell-Yale Community Learning Center: ~16
Hours logged for the Comic Making Tournament: 7
Total hours spent on the CCP: 103

And that's not even accounting for the time spent writing the lesson plans, creating the templates, and organizing the tournament! Nor does it include time spent on the website. Still, it was time well spent.

The CCP has been a fantastic project and I'm sad it's over. The comic project was simple in its design and implementation, but delivered near infinite variety of play. The amount of participation I got was amazing - many of these kids improved in their English skills without ever feeling bored. The CCP truly has the potential to be a great youth literacy activity that can be done around the world.

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