Saturday, June 16, 2007

5/30/07 Session - CCP End

I was finally able to finish getting the numbers for the last CCP session. In all, 133 comics were made, making it the single most productive session. Several new kids showed up, as well, who were disappointed to learn it was the last CCP session.

Overall, however, the session did not go as well as I'd hoped. Only one of the students showed any interest in completing the activity for that week: Shine or Die, a 38 page set of templates based on an And Shine Heaven Now story arc I co-wrote with Erin Ptah. This lack of interest was mainly due to the sheer size of the final activity, which overwhelmed many of them.

This reaction was not unexpected on my part; in fact, I had anticipated and planned for it. Originally, Shine or Die was going to be split into two 19 page halves for 5/23 and 5/30. I knew 19 pages was reasonable since the kids had finished the 18 page Dr. McNinja story earlier. However, when the 5/23 session had to be canceled because of the unexpected party, it forced all 38 pages to be done at once.

Still, much fun was had by all. I took several videos and pictures, which I will post when my deskto pis up and running again.

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