Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Numbers Game 3: Template Tallies

Due to the move, I haven't had time to go through and figure out just how many comics were created at the final meeting of the CCP session and workshop, nor at the Tournament (though my current estimate is that the Tournament made close to 600 comics).

However, I can tell you just how many templates of each comic that participated in the CCP was used. I've listed them here in alphabetical order.

And Shine Heaven Now: 135
Chugworth Academy: 29
Dinosaur Comics: 1 (obviously)
Dr. McNinja: 21
Faking Life: 3
Ghastly's Ghastly Comic: 5
Krakow: 48
Mac Hall and Three Panel Soul: 11
Okashina Okashi: 122
Penny Arcade: 25
Questionable Content: 72
Rob and Elliot: 11
Resident Phreaks: 3
Sparklign Generation Valkyrie Yuuki: 20
Shortpacked!: 45
Something Like Life: 13
Return of Stickman: 1
Tsunami Channel: 24
Tracy and Tristan: 5
Unshelved: 12
Venus Envy: 8
xkcd: 6
Misc: 52 (this includes templates based on the art of John Su, Twin Enigma, Sora-ko, and others)

I would've used more Chugworth, but the site went down before I could snag the latest comics for making templates from. Assuming I do the CCP again in Pittsburgh (which I plan to have happen in Summer 2008), I'll likely use more Venus Envy, Chugworth, Penny Arcade, and Dr. McNinja than I did this first time. Dr. McNinja especially was a huge hit with the kids, so I will try to use every issue!

Without the above comics and artists, the CCP would be nothing more than an idle thought. Thank you to all who helped me!

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