Sunday, June 17, 2007

5/31/07 Workshop - CCPW End

The final CCP Workshop at Dixwell-Yale produced 63 comics, the fewest of any workshop. This was largely due to no one showing up to the first gathering because of soccer practice. Fortunately, the second gathering had a healthy showing of about 10 kids, including those from the High Meadow School.

As with the final meeting of the comic project session, the theme was "Shine or Die." Unlike the other kids who were overwhelmed, this group was much more willing to plunge ahead. One student in particular was able to create his own original story using the comics. Something I like about the comic project is when students think of ways to interpret the images given to them in ways I never even imagined.

I had two new students who attended, but were disappointed that it was the final workshop. Fortunately, both later attended the Comic Making Tournament.

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