Friday, April 3, 2009

Tekkoshocon Workshop Setup

The Tekkoshocon workshop is structured as a classroom simulation, where I demo and share lessons learned from working with kids. I use templates left over from the tournament, so for a list of comics used see what I listed for each of the events. In addition to the warm-up, I'll demo the non-linear layout, character traits, long-form, and team racing activities.

Non-linear layout is where I have people assign numbers to the panels out of order and rewrite the comic accordingly. Characters traits has students assign names and personalities to the characters, so they avoid writing everyone the same. Long-form covers multi-page comics by going over outlining and the six questions (who, what, where, etc.). Team racing is a variation of Endurance: two teams try to go through a stack of comics as fast as they can.

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