Monday, April 6, 2009

Tekkoshocon Workshop Report

The Tekkoshocon workshop got mixed results. The key problem was location: Workshop 2 was in the Westin Hotel, far removed from the main convention itself. For example, the workshop before mine only had 1 attendee. I was also up against the Phoenix Wright mock trial, a major event, and lunch hour.

I was fortunate despite these issues: five people participated for the first hour, including two father-daughter pairs. Towards the last half hour, people began coming in early for the following workshop, a Pokemon DS tournament. I allowed them to get good seating in exchange for doing the activity. This got me 11 more people.

I didn't take any video, but I did take pictures. That and stats will be posted soon.

Some lessons learned:

1. The name "Manga and Community Service" isn't very good. I renamed it for my Otakon proposal, "Manga, Literacy, and Children," but that's probably not that good, either. I should play up the workshop's interactive nature.

2. I may have the workshop be a straight up comic creation workshop instead of a classroom simulation. There are enough young people going to cons that it could work.

3. I need to create better advertisements, something flashier.

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