Monday, March 9, 2009

Comic Making Tournament 3: Short form Pre-drawn

Short form Pre-drawn has always been the first event of the tournament and is arguably the easiest. Each participant makes 5 stand alone comics based on themes. I lead with it due to the similarity to the warm-up.

The themes for this year have been chosen ahead of time, while in the past they were picked at random. Kids get to pick which comic to use for which theme making it easier on them. The themes are:

1. "Everybody lies."
2. "Are we having fun yet?"
3. "I reject your reality and substitute my own."
4. "Liberty is the source of all creative energy."
5. "Freedom is not defined by safety."

The first is from the TV show House. The second is the catch phrase of Zippy the Pinhead. The third is well known to Mythbusters fans. The last two are based on quotes from Congressman Ron Paul.

Comics used:

Awkward Zombie
Daisy is Dead
Dominic Deegan
Dreamland Chronicles
Freshman 15
Geeks Next Door
Geist Panik
Grim Tales From Down Below
Hookie Dookie Panik
I Come From Mars
Lil' Mell
My Stupid Life
Mystic Revolution
No Pink Ponies
Paradigm Shift
The Path
Piled Higher and Deeper
Prophesy of Destiny
Scary Go Round
Simulated Comic Product
Sluggy Freelance
Something Like Life
Sticky Floors
Tea Club
Templar, AZ
TV Circuit
Versus Verses

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