Saturday, March 7, 2009

Comic Making Tournament 3: Events

The 3rd Comic Making Tournament will soon be upon me. The tournament will have 7 events in all, not counting the pre-tournament event and warm-up. The events are:

Short form Pre-drawn

Students get a set of pages with art on them and blank word bubbles. They fill them in one at a time. There are themes for each one. Unlike the previous two tournaments, the themes have been chosen ahead of time (instead of randomly). Also, kids can match a comic to the theme: they pick which of the comics in their set they want to use for a given theme.


This one has pages with art and one or more blank panels. Each of the comics will have a theme. Like the first event, the themes are picked ahead of time and students decide what comics to use for them.


Students will get 8 blank pages and draw from scratch. This is larger than previous versions, which used 4 or 5 pages.


Kids take a blank template sheet and paste individual panels to it in any given order. Last year, I tried this out with only 1 page. This year they'll do three each.

Long form Pre-drawn

Instead of single page comics, kids make story arcs. Last year, 5 page stories were too easy, as most of the kids finished in about half the time allotted. This year, I've made it more difficult. There'll be two arcs: a short warm-up arc and a longer main arc.


As before, kids will get a set amount of time (about an hour this time) to do as many comics as they can.

Round Robin Onslaught

A brand new team event, based on the scrapped ideas for one in the first tournament. Kids will pair up and compete in team versions of three previous events: short form pre-drawn, hybrid, and long form pre-drawn. They'll have a fraction of the time to complete them, making cooperation important.

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