Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Comic Making Tournament 3: Preparations 2

The fliers I made for the library and the schools have paid off. So far, 10 people have registered for the tournament. Since I set a deadline of the 21st, I expect this number to increase towards the deadline. The librarians at New Haven Public have been helping me by advertising the tournament when they visit schools, making kids aware.

A key advantage to registration is that it gives me an estimate of how many kids will show up in what age ranges so I can plan accordingly. I also ask them to specify which events they would like so I can gauge popularity. This has helped me when organizing the template groups for the seven main tournament events.

I've tied in a special pre-tournament event to registration. The event is a large-scale mixed form comic. Pre-drawn and blank templates will be sent to registrants with them having to combine them into a single story. To make it harder the pre-drawn templates are taken from different series requiring the kids to find ways to connect what appear to be disparate series.

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