Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gallery Moving to Picasa

One thing I've struggled with is making regular updates to the CCP gallery of photos. My current method has been rather time consuming: selecting what photos to upload, formatting them to 800x600, renaming them, generating thumbnails, and then updating the gallery page's HTML by hand. This didn't present too much difficulty at first, but lately I've been falling behind in my gallery updates and wanted to find a different way.

Enter Picasa. I first looked into using Flickr, but its restrictions on bandwidth and set numbers under free mode made it infeasible for use. Picasa is a much better service in comparison. Now to create galleries I only need to select the photos, format them to 800x600, and upload them. This should make it so you'll see photo posts almost as quick as you see video posts. By formatting to a small size, this'll make the 1 gig of storage Picasa gives me last quite some time.

I'm in the process of uploading the remaining galleries (8/5/08 onwards) to Picasa and will post links to the web albums as they're complete. I may or may not go back and convert the other galleries to Picasa later on. Also, some images like the fliers and wide images won't be added to Picasa and will be added in the usual manner.

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