Tuesday, August 19, 2008

8/12/08 Sessions Stats

Here are the final numbers for the 8/12 sessions:


Attendance: 56
Comics collected: 276
Student efficiency: 4.93

10-12 year olds:

Attendance: 20
Comics collected: 89
Student efficiency: 4.45
Max possible produced: 180
Lesson efficiency: 0.49

7-9 year olds:

Attendance: 22
Comics collected: 138
Student efficiency: 6.27

5-6 year olds:

Attendance: 14
Comics collected: 49
Student efficiency: 3.5

Lesson efficiency wasn't applicable to the 7-9 or 5-6 year olds (or overall) due to the kind of lesson they had with the Round Robin activities.

The low efficiency with 10-12 year olds was due to how I was only able to collect the warm-up from each student. The activity part - multi-page stories - was left in their possession when we ran out of time.

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