Monday, May 12, 2008

Misc. Updates

Sorry for the lack of activity. Studying for my Ph.D. qualifiers has eaten my brain to a large extent. I'll be more active in late June, but don't expect many blog posts in May.

The grant application for Comic Making Tournament III is being processed. They've sent me some additional questions to answer, which is apparently the next stage in the selection process. With luck I may get funds to return to New Haven again.

My partnership with Pitt's CSSA is progressing. My contact there has sent me a presentation the group has used in the past about Beijing. Also, CSSA students in China are taking pictures of their daily lives and monuments that I can use as references for comics based on modern China. The pictures will also form the basis for a lecture component.

In addition to the China-themed modules, I've also been at work putting together modules based on: climate change, public health, statistics, and even economics. One goal is that by the end of the summer I'll have sufficient material to bring the CCP to schools across Pittsburgh in many capacities. And thanks to the endorsements I've received from several Pittsburgh institutions (University of Pittsburgh, the Children's Museum, and the Human Service Center), schools should be very receptive to this program.

Tasks to be done:

1. Write-up about the Tournament (sadly, I think I may have waited too long as is, since the details are already fuzzy).
2. CMT II videos.
3. 4/10 and 4/15 Module numbers.
4. 4/15 Module videos.

I also need to write up a press release to announce another project element that recently came to fruition. It relates to some of the templates you saw the kids using in the tournament and module that aren't related to any comic.

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