Thursday, February 7, 2008

Comic Making Tournament II: Materials

I last posted about the second Comic Making Tournament (March 8) in September. Since then, other things like National Public Health Week have taken center stage. However, I have not lost track of this event, as my preparations for the canceled 11/20 workshop and the 12/29 workshop were useful in preparing for the tournament.

One thing I've been busy doing is making templates of the new comics that joined, such as CRFH and 8-Bit Theater. I'm also working on a CCP comic book for kids and adults that covers some of the material I teach and includes ready-to-use templates. Artists have already begun work on it; I'll have more details toward the end of this month.

I'm also starting to buy prizes for the children. One item I bought the other day: Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi. It's a great all-ages graphic novel and since Mr. Kibuishi has agreed to let me use his art in the CCP, I'll be using scans from the book as part of the tournament itself. That way, kids will first interpret the scenes in their own words and then be able to read the original!

Another item I'll be picking up soon: the Jellaby graphic novel by Kean Soo. Mr. Soo is also a great all-ages artist who's lent his support to the CCP, so his book will receive the same treatment and double as both learning tool and reward. Other prizes I plan to get include webcomic t-shirts, various kid-friendly manga volumes, and perhaps a few volumes of Bone.

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