Friday, February 15, 2008

National Public Health Week 3

The Create a Comic Project will be working with the University of Pittsburgh for National Public Health Week (NPHW), April 7 - 13.

I just finished submitting a proposal to the American Society of Public Health for a grant that will be used to fund a field trip for local K-8 students to one of the three off-campus venues. The money will cover the admission fee for about 150 children, as well as cost of materials. It's a nationwide competitive student grant, so hopefully we win.

I've also been busy printing out physical templates for use at the National Public Health Week events and the upcoming tournament and workshops.

One thing I'll be working on in March are a couple of presentations to deliver for NPHW: one on climate change (probably a historical retrospective, explaining nature's role in past climate change events) and another on public health in general. These presentations will then be meshed with the CCP to give the kids inspiration for their comics.

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