Sunday, September 9, 2007

Comic Making Tournament II: Planning Begins

This is the 100th post to the CCP blog. I hope it's provided useful information. I'm going to try and record the steps that go into making a tournament as they happen, unlike before when I waited until afterwards to write them down.

Right now, I know I have $1300 to use to fund the second CMT thanks to the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven. The bulk of this money will go to purchasing prizes for the tournament. Right now, I'll looking at getting mostly graphic novels based on webcomics, such as the Flight anthologies. I'm also looking at other webcomic merchandise like mugs and t-shirts (Questionable Content and Dr. McNinja in particular have excellent shirts).

Transportation will be an issue. Since I live in Pittsburgh, now, I may have to use some of the money to fly back to New Haven for the event. I am, however, looking into getting support by some University of Pittsburgh groups. That should maximize the funds I can invest into rewards for the kids.

At the first tournament, the two long-form events were not very well received, so I've decided to cut them. This will leave three events: Short-form Pre-drawn, Short-form Original, and Speed. I'll budget more time to each, allowing students to make more stand alone comics and to see how many they produce when motivated to go fast.

I'm also planning on unveiling a fourth event based on a CCP related project I've been working on for several weeks: a comic project game. The game is still in its early stages (I have yet to assemble all the materials, let alone playtest), but I hope that by the time fo the CMT it'll be ready to feature. The game itself will be worked in as a competitive event to take place after Speed.

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