Monday, December 3, 2007

12/3/07 Module

The second Create a Comic Project module was held today with the same class as before. This should tell me whether comics can detect a change in knowledge. Many pictures and a couple videos were taken. They'll be posted soon.

25 templates were used and 73 comics were collected, somewhat less than last time. This is likely due to fewer people attending this class. Again, the module was met with great enthusiasm and humor by the students. Many excellent comics were produced. It's amazing how many jokes about this topic can be made.

Not every comic used in the first module was used again. As before, templates were divided between those used before in New Haven and brand new ones. Comics used in the module:

And Shine Heaven Now
Dr. McNinja
Faking Life
Girl Genius
Hate Song
Mac Hall
No Pink Ponies
Penny and Aggie
Penny Arcade
Piled Higher and Deeper
Rob and Elliot
Tsunami Channel
Venus Envy

Italics indicate comics not used in the previous module.

As a bonus, the professor of the class was nice enough to allow me to use the comics as a "special extra credit" assignment. 27 templates - all brand new - were chosen for this take-home version of the module. We'll see how many students take advantage of it.

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