Sunday, December 30, 2007

12/29 Workshop Part 2

This workshop used over 50 different templates from 32 different comics, a record for most template diversity in a single workshop. All of the templates were brand new, created for the next stage of the CCP's development. One of the benefits of using so many comics was that it gave me a chance to see which of those templates had the most potential.

As stated in Part 1, I was only able to collect a fraction of the comics created by the students, as most of them understandably wanted to take their comics home. Templates were divided into 4 groups of varying sizes for each stage of the activity, ordered by difficulty. 83 pieces were collected from templates based on 21 comics:

Coffee Achievers
Daisy is Dead
Little Dee
Lil' Formers
No Pink Ponies
Okashina Okashi
Penny and Aggie
Planet Karen
Planet Saturday
Questionable Content
Sluggy Freelance
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Seasons of Constancy
Tracy and Tristan

Comics used for the first time are in italics. This leaves 11 comics with templates that can't currently be assessed; I'll use them again in later workshops.

And Shine Heaven Now
Faking Life
Girl Genius
Lil' Mell
Piled Higher and Deeper
Something Like Life
Tea Club
Templar, AZ
Tsunami Channel
Venus Envy

I tried to include all of the "first generation" comics (OO, QC, ASHN, etc.) because I knew their content worked well. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to produce Chugworth, Krakow, Penny Arcade, Rob and Elliot, or SGVY templates for use this time. They'll be a priority for the upcoming HSC workshop.

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