Friday, June 5, 2009

Create a Comic Project at APHA 2009!

The comic project has earned another major academic opportunity: I've been invited to present not one but two presentations on the project at the American Public Health Association (APHA) 137th Annual Meeting!

The first will be a 30-minute roundtable focusing on picturevoice. This style is not only longer than the presentation at SOPHE, but will give me a greater chance to interact with my audience. The focus will be less on picturevoice as an educational tool and more how it can be used in the context of health research. Hand outs are encouraged, so I'm going to work on assembling a "picturevoice packet" people can take home with them. It will give them all the equipment they need to do a picturevoice project of their own.

The second is a normal 15-minute oral presentation focusing solely on Healthy Holidays. I'll use it to focus less on the theory and more on the practical applications of picturevoice/comicvoice.

Picturevoice and comicvoice are the theoretical underpinnings that enable my work with art to not only be a useful educational tool, but a powerful mode of research and data collection. The Create a Comic Project is but one of many possible applications of picturevoice and I'm grateful to have a chance to share my ideas with the broader academic community.

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