Wednesday, June 18, 2008

6/30/08 Session Preparation: Templates

A quick update on the template status for the upcoming 6/30 sessions.

Comics whose archives I've gone through:

Afterlife Inc.
My Stupid Life
Nothing Nice 2 Say
Sorcerers & Secretaries
Versus Verses

I still need to get through Kastle Comics and Reman Mythology. Nothing Nice 2 Say is probably the comic that's waited the longest for me to go through its archives, since it joined all the way back in August 2007.

New comics with templates printed and ready to go:

My Stupid Life
Nothing Nice 2 Say
Scary Go Round
You'll Have That
Versus Verses

I also added new templates to Tracy and Tristan, Something Like Life, Diesel Sweeties, Lil' Formers, and Sketchies, among others.

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