Saturday, August 4, 2007

Create a Comic Project ROC

After a long delay, I have finally begun to add the comics from the very first CCP. While comics made here in the US have been labeled "Create a Comic Project," these are being grouped with the title "Create a Comic Project ROC" to denote their overseas origin.

These comics are backdated to begin in July 2005 and will run up to the previous starting point of November 2006. (I should've done this last month during the CCP's second anniversary, but oh well.)

I will be adding them a month at a time to the archives until they're complete. I've also included occasional commentary on the first CCP. The first month is all the CCP comics that have been posted elswhere (that is, Strange Candy). Following months will be new material, never seen before.

With this addition, I'm also considering improving the site's navigation, since simply clicking through the months doesn't seem adequate anymore.

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