Sunday, August 12, 2007

Comic Making Tournament Part 4: Conclusion

This is the fourth part of a series on the CMT. Part 1 is here, part 2 is here, and part 3 is here.

Long-form Pre-drawn

By the end of the short-form original event, my time in the program room was over. So I moved everyone up to the Children's Library to use the activity room there. Jordan and Stephen had to leave at this point, which left four kids: Zenon, Sabir, Junee, and Esther.

For the long-form pre-drawn, I used multipage arcs from Krakow and QC. Esther decided not to participate due to the difficulty, leaving three contestants even.

Junee came in first, with Zenon second and Sabir third.

Long-form Original

The theme for this event was "gaining superpowers." I'd thought it would be simple, but Junee found it so difficult that she dropped from the event, leaving only Zenon and Sabir to compete. Both struggled, though Zenon was able to use her greater creativity to edge out Sabir to win the event.


Speed was the most fun of all the events! I had originally only allotted 20 minutes for it, but everyone enjoyed it so much that I allowed it to go on twice that long. All four - Zenon, Junee, Esther, and Sabir - participated.

One trick I use was a "quality multiplier," so that quantity would be multiplied by overall creativity in making the set of comics. This encouraged the kids to right more than "Hi" over and over again (even though this is what Zenon did to a large extent).

Sabir managed to win, even though he produced the fewest comics, by filling each out with quick jokes. Junee came in second, though several of hers were just lists of her friends and random words. Zenon was third, since she'd only written "Hi" on many of her comics, costing her the multiplier score. Esther quit halfway, so she came in fourth.


Even though Jordan and Stephen had to leave, they'd both earned prizes. I set aside several of the items for them. Their parents came by and picked them up.

The remaining four got the best prizes and were able to select them. The first step was to tally the point totals from the first four events to determine the overall winners (thus rewarding those who participated more). Then, awards were given to those who'd won first place in the five events, then second place, and then a round table distribution with everyone picking over what was left.

Thanks to her strong showing in three of the four events, Zenon won overall first place, with Sabir a close second and Junee third. All of them got a large number of gift certificates, plus books, comics, and other items.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the award ceremony. This is something I will remember with future CMT's.

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