Monday, January 12, 2009

Create a Comic Project @ Tekkoshocon 2009!

Excellent news: the Create a Comic Project will be hosting a workshop at Tekkoshocon 2009! The person in charge of panels has confirmed my approval.

The workshop will be a "classroom simulation:" participants will be students who I lead through a mock project session. The goal is to demonstrate some of the teaching techniques I use in the project so others can use them in their own volunteer efforts. Since Tekkoshocon is an anime con, I'll be focusing mainly on manga-style comics.

This will be my first con demo. I imagine I'll have some difficulties at first, but it'll help me bring the project to other cons like Otakon, Anime USA, Connecticon, and others.

Details on workshop scheduling will come in March. I'm hoping to get ~2 hours on a Saturday afternoon.

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