Monday, January 28, 2008

National Public Health Week 2

Preparation for National Public Health Week (NPHW) continues. The Center for Public Health Practice has agreed to lend a hand by offering printing and photocopying services. Two more off-campus venues have signed on for three total; I'm working on contacting two others.

I'll be reaching out to faculty Wednesday to encourage them to volunteer. A meeting with the various organizations will take place later on so I can start coordinating with them.

Current plan for the use of the Create a Comic Project: every student who takes part in the program will make at least one comic under the CCP banner. Each comic will then be collected and organized by school. The comics will be put on poster boards and then given back to the schools to display.

Each poster board will have the current public health slogan - "This is public health" - plus info on both the GSPH and the CCP. This way, the posters serve multiple purposes: increasing the recognition for public health, promoting the GSPH, and promoting the CCP. And by collecting them first and then later delivering the posters, I'll have the chance to photocopy and scan the comics first so they can be shared later on.

One nice feature that'll come from working with the University of Pittsburgh is that I'll be using their release/permission forms, sent to all parents. In addition to having the typical "you can't sue us for blah blah blah" material, the forms will allow me to take pictures and videos of the event and post them here. So expect plenty of updates to the gallery from this.

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