Sunday, October 7, 2007

11/20 Workshop Preparation II

I've gone through several more archives, further increasing the amount of material I have to work with. I've been giving priority to comics whose creators expressed an interest in seeing the results of the CCP.

Additional omics whose archives I've gone through:

Rip & Teri
Templar, Arizona

I'm currently working on the archives of Seasons of Constancy, Flipside, and Lovarian Adventures.

I've also begun creating the blank templates I need as teaching material. Creating templates is relatively straight forward:

1. I crop the image to eliminate any excess white space. This allows the comic to print at maximum size, giving students more room to full in the bubbles.

2. I delete the text from all dialogue and thought bubbles and captions. This is where my tablet comes in handy, since it makes it easier to erase when the text is close to the bubble lines.

3. I erase any embedded dialogue. I generally choose comics that don't have much of this, but sometimes a comic will be so good I'm willing to deal with a little bit. I leave in sound effects.

4. I erase copyright and title info. This is to prevent the kids from trying to track down the originals, some of which aren't appropriate for the age group I teach.

Generally, I try to keep comics together by arc (something I didn't do very well when I first made templates). Since these workshops are only 2 hours each, I won't be using any long arcs, just short 2-3 comic mini-arcs.

Comics I've finished making templates of:

Chugworth Academy
Daisy is Dead
Faking Life
Okashina Okashi
Tracy and Tristan

I'm currently working on Questionable Content, Shine, and Mac Hall. Saturnalia sent me hi-res comics, so I'll also be using those. I'm still waiting on hi-res comics from Goats, which Rosenberg promised.

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